Jamie FAQs

One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard is about the work Jamie did with Freddie Mercury…

Here’s Jamie’s Answer

“In 1979 I did just one gig with Freddie; a charity show at the Coliseum in St. Martin’s Lane, London. We ran through the songs (‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and bits of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’) in the afternoon with Fred but without the full orchestra. He sang superbly and said we were “fabulous”. Made my day, that did…

Fred was on stage with the Royal Ballet (wearing a leotard and tights, obviously!) and I was in the orchestra pit with the Royal Philharmonic. Dame Margot Fonteyn was there and was very amused by the performance!!”

James from Princes Risborough Bucks wrote:

I’m a big Toto fan and was wondering what it was like to work with Steve Lukather, such an accomplished musician from a legendary band.

Jamie’s Reply


“Steve has played with Los Pacaminos and with the SAS Band in LA and at various European festivals (along with the rest of Toto).
Meeting up with Luke is always eventful. He seems to have a knack for getting me into trouble.

He once discovered that we were staying in the same hotel in Tokyo, called my room and insisted we go out on a bar crawl around the city. It was a rare night off during a Brian May Band tour and I just wanted to stay in and relax, but he wasn’t having it so I found myself wobbling around the city with him and Nuno Bettencourt sinking exotic cocktails ’til the small hours.

Eventually, Nuno & I felt unwell, raised the white flag and Luke helped me home.

A couple of nights later, I returned the favour but this time I only drank beer – loads of it. Imagine my delight at having to put HIM in a cab at the end of the evening. HA!!

Luke’s a very good friend who’s always complimentary about my playing and always makes me laugh. Oh, and he’s not a bad guitar player. Actually, he’s one of the best guitarists I’ve had the privilege to share a stage with.”