Live From Jamie’s House

  • Date:2020-10-18
  • Time:18.00
  • Location: UK
  • Venue: Onlinehttps://www.facebook.com/jamiemosesguitar/
  •  Come on in!

Come On Over to My Place…

 Sunday, Sep 27 at 6pm for my virtual solo gig

Facebook’s gone a little weird lately, so Black Frog Bands will bring you Live From Jamie’s House this Sunday at 6pm BST at Moment House:


Tickets in advance are£5 (ish) per screen. Please be aware that with Black Frog all profits go directly to the Artist.

Requests will be played – also look out for Charlie’s Fun Facts!

There’ll be a tip jar and one tipper will will be chosen for a

private video call and a chat with Jamie after the show.

See you there…

This will be viewable with or without a Facebook account – everyone’s welcome!!